Thursday, October 16, 2014

Top 10 Myths About Albert Einstein

1. Einstein did not flunk mathematics. In fact, that was one of his best subjects in school.

2. Einstein was not measured to have a high IQ. We don’t know what his actual IQ was, by current standards. History does not record him ever taking an IQ test. Also, the scoring for intelligence tests has greatly changed throughout the years.

3. Einstein as a schoolchild did not confront an atheist teacher about his belief in God. There is a widely shared story about such an encounter that is simply a myth.

4. Einstein did not win his Nobel Prize explicitly for relativity. The Nobel committee cited his description of the photoelectric effect when awarding the 1921 prize.

5. Einstein was not the “father of the bomb.” He played no role in developing it, except for urging Roosevelt to monitor the nuclear situation in Nazi Germany and take precautions.

6. Einstein never stated that quantum theory was wrong. Experimentally, he thought it yielded accurate predictions. Rather, he stressed that it had many logical gaps that need to be filled. In other words, quantum theory, in Einstein’s view, was incomplete, rather than incorrect.

7. Einstein didn’t always have a rumpled, wrinkled, shock-haired appearance. Strange as it seems, many people can’t picture him in his youth, when he was described as being an attractive man with dark hair, probing eyes, and a muscular build.

8. Einstein’s theories weren’t always right. In the early decades of the 20th century, his contributions were monumental. From the 1930s until the mid-1950s, not so much.

9. Einstein wasn’t always sticking out his tongue, despite the classic photograph. He once called himself a “photographer’s model” to poke fun at the paparazzi.

10. Einstein wasn’t just a “brain;” he had a broad range of interests, including music and sailing.

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